Saturday, February 19, 2011

A tribute to my Lord

It has been five months or so since I first stepped on this piece of land. I have been having ups and downs but thanks Lord you never leave me nor forsake me as you clearly revealed yourself to the prophets and kings before me by showing how you love them, with action and mercy.

Psalm 23

The Lord is my shepherd,
I shall not want;
He makes me lie down in green pastures.
He leads me beside still waters;
He restores my soul.
He leads me in paths of righteousness
for His name's sake.

Even though I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death,
I fear no evil;
for You are with me;
Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me
all the days of my life;
and I shall dwell in the house of the
Lord forever.
Thank you, Lord for always leading me back to your side whenever I got lost in my journey of life, like a sheep who has forgotten the way back to its shepherd after being tempted by the mundane thing.

Thank you, Lord for having mercies on my soul whenever I am pleading for your forgiveness.

Thank you, Lord for your unceasing blessing in abundance whenever and wherever I am.

Thank you, Lord for being the only comforter I can get whenever I feel hurtfully upset.

Thank you, Lord, you never leave me alone to deal with the trials. Your holy spirit will always lead me though.

Thank you, Lord for presenting yourself to me as the best gift in this worldly Earth. I can't do anything if I were to lose you, that's for sure.

I love you, Lord :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I would consider those who don't know how to say thank you as animals.

And sadly, there are really a lot of this kind around me.

The abhorrence of this kind makes me feel that how important could self-centeredness be sometimes.

I'm gonna learn how to prioritize things before minding business of others, especially those of this kind. They're just too disappointing.

Self-centeredness and self-servingness could be practiced in a positive way, I suppose. D:

Monday, August 23, 2010


I have never been so frustrated since I was brought to this Earth.

Can't you just do things faster. You idiot!

Where's the Exit?

I'm desperately seeking for an exit to escape.

You'll understand what kind of exit I'm meaning when you look at the picture below.

No matter how, I'm always alone on this Earth.

God, please.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

God bless me with Flying Colors

It's been a while since I last shared things about my life as a pharmacy student-to-be. I just wanna update my readers on how the things have gone, whether they seem good or bad to me.

It's a good tiding this time, to me, anyway. :D

To my surprise, I've successfully secured the 3 asterisks for Biology, Chemistry and Maths. Failing to get an asterisk for Physics is just predictable so I have no special feeling about it when I got to know it's not with an * beside the (A). I'm glad anyway cos overall I'm still an A-student for my A2 Physics though am not as good as some of my really extremist-like mates who have got A* and all full marks (they have robot-built brains, indeed)

Just to make this post much nicer to see (Sorry, I didn't mean to show off, haha), I have captured a copy of my result slip and share it here:

I'm very, very contented with my results though they were not as well as those that some of us could get. I'm just ordinary, having this extraordinary results is really a blessing from GOD. I can't deny that I really have had all my efforts into getting these good results but what's more undeniable would be the efforts of our lecturers who were really striving hard to bring us to the line of perfection (as some had requested).

If the lecturers happen to see my blog or this post in the future, I would like to express my gratitude here. I would like to say million thanks to Ms Law, Ms Chua, Mr Chan, Mr Ng and even Mr Fong (though I always played truant during his class) for without their dedication and patience in dealing with us, these so-called JPA-troublemakers, we won't have today.

These words are not superficially-written, they're from my heart.

I might not be able to repay what you have done for me but God will.

Thanks again and may God be with you always :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


我想还是算了吧 :D


The words 'charm' and 'charming' always remind me of the 'Prince Charming - Prince Edward' in the Enchanted - A Disney's fantasy-musical film. But today, at this moment when there is a drizzling rain outside, I have a new perception of the word 'charm'.

I should have apprehended it earlier.

Some people have inborn charms - with attractive physical appearance, while some people have inherent charms. 'Inborn' and 'inherent' may mean the same, in some sense, but to me, it is different cos some inborn charms just can't last long and they fade with time.

I wish to have the charms regardless of which type, to be honest. The power of arousing admiration has just been unfairly given one owning it a lot of chances. And, it would just be agreeable to most of the beings on this Earth when a charming person has made a mistake.

Lacking that small bit of charm would have the opposite effect. It's just unreasonably hard to get an opportunity even you have spared all of your efforts in getting it. To the unfortunates who are just lacking this charisma to enchant the people around him or her, don't you ever have an idea that why the world is just treating you differently from other and why's there a discrepancy between you and your 'opponent'? These thoughts will just make you an object of ridicule and bereft of hope.

THINK DIFFERENTLY, I'm saying this to myself.

P/S: This post is not meant to be written in an ironical manner. I apologize if you're a charismatic charm and you're somewhat uncomfortable with it.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Like or No Like

This post is designated as a random one. I just don't like to waste my time on waiting so I make my mind to update my blog. The rest of my family are busy getting ready for my grand-grandma's birthday feast (which will happen 15 mins later and I'm eagerly waiting for it :P).

A minute before this, I signed into my Facebook and glanced through the posts in the 'most recent'. I happened to see some comments by someones whom I think are indescribably superficial (cos they posted that) and couldn't really understand why did they do that. I could barely guess what are their true intentions but I didn't dare to generalize cos don't really wanna get into the trouble of offending some beings with politically correct attitudes.

Getting a bit disturbed, I clicked on 'Profile' on the top and saw what I had done yesterday. My action, to me, was kinda stupid but it seemed to be a considerably suitable way to express my feelings towards certain things that happen around me.

I realized that I had liked a statement by Like or No Like' (A Facebook application though it doesn't appear to be one), i.e. 'Just because i liked your status doesn't mean i like you :P'. And I was reminded by the comments of the reason why I did that.

Let's have an example to make my reason sound more concrete.
A few days ago, I came across with a status post like below:

If you believe in Jesus Christ, don't ignore this because The Bible says: If you deny him, He will deny you in front of His Father in the Gates of Heaven. If you love God and you are not ashamed of it, copy this and put it on your wall. I ♥ Jesus forever!

Obviously, I love Jesus and inherently, I will give away my 'likes' to everyone that has posted it. But, in the meantime, I could see there's a problem lying in between 'like' or 'no like/unlike'. If this post was by someone you like, clicking the 'like' will certainly need no any consideration. But what should one do if this was posted by someone that has somewhat annoyed you at the moment?

Thanks to a convenience given by 'like or no like'. I don't know who's developed this but it's really solved my problem. Haha, I can like your status or any posts but it doesn't really I like you cos you stink. :D

Friday, August 13, 2010

Thou, Thee, Thy, Thyself, Thine

It's somehow irritating when I look at words like: thee, thou, thy, thyself and thine.

Not knowing the actual meanings of the words as well as how they're correctly used are definitely not a problem owing to the fact that their attendance at the books is very rare and we'd be considered as very obsolete if we are to use them in daily life.

However, they do really exist in a great abundance on the pages of bible and hymn of praises. It'll be pointless to read from verses to verses, chapters to chapters and even books to books if I can't make a meaning out of the scripture read. And, unfortunately, these words were among those that worsen my understanding of the old-fashionedly-written and hard-to-be-intelligible sentences.

Couldn't bear to read without comprehension, I checked the built-in dictionary in my Mac to look for the meanings of each word. Maybe it's really God's will to make me learn these words cos when I typed 'thou' in the search box, it came out with a whole list, explaining how the words are used in comparison to the 'you, your, yourself' that we're using right now.

* * * Adapted from the dictionary * * *
In modern English, the personal pronoun you (together with the possessives your and yours) covers a number of uses: it is both singular and plural, both objective and subjective, and both formal and familiar. This has not always been the case.
In Old English and Middle English, some of these different functions of you were supplied by different words. Thus,
Thou was at one time the singular subjective case, e.g. thou art a beast, while;
Thee was the singular objective case, e.g. he cares not for thee.
In addition, the form thy (modern equivalent your) was the singular possessive determiner, and;
Thine (modern equivalent yours) the singular possessive pronoun, both corresponding to thee.
The forms you and ye, on the other hand, were at one time reserved for plural uses.
* * * The end of the adapted * * *

So, have thou learn something from thy reading? Thou should practice thyself to gain better understanding. It's none of my business but it's thine if thou wanna use it in thy writing. What I can only say is 'if thou continue to do so, it'd be very old-fashioned of thee' Haha, I have successfully used all the words. *The sentences seem odd, but to me, they are acceptable :P*

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A mini chronicle

It was 11.43 33 PM when I was writing the first sentence.

The rain outside has stopped drizzling.

My brother's digital clock just beeped.

My mum had a night call moments ago.

I left a Facebook comment for my status update minutes ago.

I had a great time with my brother on Bomber Man 5's normal mode and we're quite pissed off with the king in the final stage of level 9 cos we couldn't find a way to finish him and he kept regenerating like flatworms.

I had a mouthful of leftover cake of my grandma's birthday.

We talked about my cousin's oncoming stay in London, with me.

I wanted to play a song - to attempt to find a new way of playing - left it after 20 mins and felt highly 'not-song'.

It was hot the whole evening, I was with my mum, sending my sister to the watch shop in the old town. She got scolded.

It was hot the whole afternoon, I waited for 1 hour for my turn to see the physician.

I saw 'brown' stated on the report, indicating the color of my urine. *Yucks* It was written on the 'abnormal' column and it's kinda worried me.

I was urinating in the toilet. :P

A nurse was kind enough to remind me that I didn't actually have the report showing tests for the presence of glucose and protein in my urine.

I was waiting in the clinic. The sun's radiating heat outside. I was in an air-conditioned room with lotsa flies. I used my file and documents to swing away the flies.

Babies were crying loudly.

I was in the car, realizing that the meter didn't work. I hit heavily on the dashboard and the pointer raised.

I was heading home in the kancil, with my grandma and her just-bought philips cd-player which costs RM 110.

My grandma was bargaining. RM 125 --> RM 118

My grandma came out with an idea that she wanted to buy a new radio. She hated the idea of using TV to read her CDs.

It was 2 PM, it's time that I need to go back to the clinic to see the doctor who's missing in the morning.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A restart

It's been seven months since I last got in contact with my weblog. It's really a long while. What ignites my interest in getting back to blogging is when I found that everyone, even my lazy ex-housemate has already written quite a lotsa things (with pictures some more) in his newly-created blog. I suppose my kiasu nature is the major factor that pushes me into writing again.

Let's recall what I had long written for the past few months or rather past few years. I began to scribble (the word I used to describe what I post when I first started with blogging) after I'd got to know my SPM results in March 2008. My first posts were all quite related to the happy incidents like attending school's award days and receiving money all that. After that, I had my first post in UCSI on 1st of July 2008, which was actually the second day of mine in UCSI.

I continued to write my posts in Word cos we had no Internet access in where we stayed and posted them online when I was in the school library. It's kinda enjoying when trying to recollect the events that had happened in the past though some memory has faded away. Most of my scribbles in 2009 were aimed at improving my English cos IETLS was just around the corner. When I'm reading back, I found that some of them are totally meaningless and I'm gonna be held up as an object of ridicule if I continue to keep them. But anyway, it's become part of my history so it'd be better to keep them.

In 2010, 'Am I in your list' was the first and the only post before this. It was written when I was in an indeed down mood. I was in despair and desperation for the well-beings of all my relationships. Thanks to God that HE partially listened to my prayers (partially did imply that I wasn't sincere enough in praying so the prayers were not heard). Guess this 2010-post was still remaining unread cos I have never made an effort to expose it. (Before this, I would always post on my Facebook Wall, updating my friends about what I've done to my blog)

The last line of the paragraph caused me to conjure up the images of mine designing the posters for Student Council and Hope Revive. I should mock myself here cos I'm not really a good designer. I had once been proud of it, though. *muka tembok*

There were sad things and happy things during my times in UCSI though I really think the former stays as the majority. Nevertheless, what I've experienced all this while have indeed taught me a lotsa lessons which I couldn't possibly find them in anywhere else. I wanna to say thank you to my Lord en route to continue to crap. :D

I have just done a renovation which I think is more tasteful than the previous ones if you have noticed that (Please refer to a doctor if you don't see any changes :P). My 'tagline' has just been changed to 'Listening to Yijing's craps', haha, I do really crap a lot, particularly after knowing some friends who are genuine crappers (JF and LJ, I'm saying this to you). Not just all the physical changes that you have just seen but also, psychologically and mentally, I have changed tremendously.

Why do I say so? I was blogging for blogging, previously. Presently, everything has changed. I will write what I want not what I'm meant to write. This is the greatest change and this is the change that I desire all the while. Blogging will soon become part of my life. I just hope I won't lose the passion to continue sharing my thoughts.

'Wahahahaha' It's so glad to declare that I have grown up. It could be just a bit, according to my dear mum. :D Outsiders might not see much changes in me but trust me I really have changed, both positively and negatively (kinda sad to say cos I seriously have been driving myself far away from God) *God, please give me strength to come back to you*

For readers of my blog, I guess you would have started to yawn, expressing your boredom of reading this post. All in all, it's time for me to reboot myself now and it's time for the readers to see a more casual me. Let's begin to write again!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Am I in your list?

Dear family members, friends and acquaintances of mine,

If you happen to see this post, kindly use the title of this post as a question for the following statements. This is neither a test nor a quiz and so there’s no true or false. Rather, it is more similar to a questionnaire, often to be filled up by us if you encounter one in your college who’s desperate for information for their research.

Let’s see what I have, I suppose I should take the good things first:

You’ve a very personal problem; it can be everything and need one to share it with.
You’ve planned a trip to the place you really fancy and you need the people you care to go and enjoy with you.
You always have a patient heart to listen and give consolation to your buddies’ probs.
You’ve a birthday party for your 20th birthday and you invite those who are indeed crucial in your life.
You’ve recently moved to a new apartment and you hope your friends can come and have a look on your new dwelling.
You’ve a pile of notes to whack up.
You’ve bought a special kind of delish food and you wish you can have it with your best friends.
You’ve come across a good thing that you think I will like this and would really want to have it from you.

Ah~ I guess you may think me as very materialistic but they actually have hidden clues. Let’s see what I have prepared for the cynical and pessimistic part.

You’re seeking for one who can fulfill your every need, help you whenever and wherever you want but never hope that he or she will need yours one day.
You’re searching for a fool who will never say ‘no’ to any request from you.
You’re frowning disapprovingly at one who’s a geek which literally suits the adjectives: weak, stupid and awkward.
You really hate this person a lot for not more than one reason, i.e. he or she really makes you sick.
You’re watching one with disdain when you’ve found out they couldn’t find a perfect solution for you.
You’ll never want this person to be part of your life.
You have never wanted so much to throw an F-bomb on him or her.
You’ve never seen one with hideous appearance.
You’ll do well when you need him or her and the opposite when he or she is not better than a load of rubbish.

Have these questions scared your pants off? I don’t think so if you know me well. Of course, I genuinely like to see there are many ‘yes’ for the first part though it’s sometimes not quite possible.

There’s one statement that I’ve affirmed:

God love everyone. Yes, I’m in the list. Please keep me in your list forever, I’m begging you, Father. Amen.

Friday, October 9, 2009

My twin brother

Hi there, meet my twin brother. He’s depression. I have been living for nearly nineteen years and he has never once left me for more than one week. We stick together like a wad of chewing gum and the stickiness is getting more and more these days.

I don’t particularly like my twin brother. Well, hell, he likes me. I have never wanted to give him a call but he does so at every moment. I am so annoyed that I always throw my phone aside and go for a sleep.

Sleeping makes me feel better most of the time but it’s not relieving my problem, not recently anyhow.

Until recently, his calls have increased in frequency and he has come out with more strategies to trick me into hearing his voice. My phone call history not merely has his miscalls or calls recorded, but also has a full list of numbers contributed by his friends.

Thanks to his recommendations, I have more friends now, who could later turn into my blood-brothers, just like what depression had done to me many years ago.

Let’s see what friends I have just gotten connected to:

Abandoned, bereft of happiness, careless, dampened, enslaved and many more…
Out of all, gloominess and loneliness call me the most.

My world is half asleep though I am awake for my work everyday. I am colour-blind now for I can only distinguish the black and white. Anywhere I’m going, I have to spend some time in compelling myself to wear a mask to hide myself and also my insecurity about my appearance and everything...

What can I do? I pray and wait for HIS grace.

P/S: His friends have chased away mine. Every relationship results in nothing at the end.

Friday, September 4, 2009

So What?

I have had and will have many of my first times happening in Kuala Lumpur, in this city of temptation where I don't really belong to though I wish to. I hail from a shabby kampong where a life over there is simple and even people who are considered fashionable with their so-called punk-fashionably dressings are nothing but 38. How could they regard themselves to be the heights of fashion and sophiscation when they're wearing clothes which had been sold here for months already?

I'd just given my another first-time to Dream this evening - hanging out with her and friends for singing in a karaoke bar in conjunction with her birthday on 4th of Novemeber. An indeed memorable day for a kampong boy like me, with free food, drinks, long couchs comfortable for sleeping, microphones, speakers, song-selector and most importantly friends who're insanely keen on singing. Thanks to Dream and her mum for this golden chance and I guess I might not have another in the future.

Everyone's so cool, except me when coming to karaoke-singing. I guess I was just lack of courage and confidence when trying to deal with something which's totally new to me. Throughout this evening, I'd actually enjoyed myself very much though I didn't really display it. From my friends who couldn't really and didn't really want to stop singing, I've learnt a new definition for the term 'all-rounder'. All-rounders shouldn't only be good in everything that's recognized as 'good deeds' by the people but also need to show some knowledge in others which are the opposites. Ming was right, I was afraid and unsure of myself when coming to something that I'd never been experiencing before. I flinched at touches of anybody, flinching away from anything completely new to me and leading myself a solitary existence.

On the way back to Angkasa, I pondered over the trembling excitement that everybody had had just now and I found that I could really be like them, making myself more enjoyful by mimicing their reaction of singing, shouting and screaming in front of everyone with a microphone confidently held in hands. I am also aware that I've actually many songs to share. I like many songs by Backstreet Boys, Jay Chou and SHE and I know I can sing them providing the lyrics are given. Due to my timidity, I have been losing many opportunities which may not happen to me again in the rest of my life.

I recollected how I had been spending alone with the songs I like in the bathroom or somewhere else with nobody. I would always stop singing immediately after every bath or during when somebody has suddenly invaded into my safety zone. I am terribly afraid that my voices and my actions would make me blush and bring me howls of derision from the others.

This fear has been torturing me for years. I really envy those who can lead a life with no fear. I like to be somebody who can take challenges and adapt to the new changes. In fact, I should actually forget what I was, I need to change, never looking back at the bad things which had been happening all this while.

God, please help me to change~ I need faith and confidence.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Awaiting True Love 3

It's finally tomorrow when the 2nd season of Relax Camp is going to rock a total of 150 campers and 20 workers. Also, it's the day when I can look with pride at all my designs displayed on these 170 people from the T-shirts and name-cards they are gonna to put on apart from the slide-show which will play in between the activities.

Thanks to God for His grace that the preparation works have finally come to an end and we're praying that tomorrow will be a fine day for this whole half-day camp to be successfully held. We also hope that God can, through this camp, deliver what He wants us and all these youngsters with futures to understand.

Awaiting true love. A good title which would indeed please everyone. I guess it's from verses 4-8, Chapter 13 of first Corinthians.
4Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 8Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.
May God bless the speaker of the day, Rev. Wah, with wisdom and also all of us with an open heart so that we can always abide by God's words and live them out.

Let's see what I have had for the slide-shows. Colourful variations of the main theme design!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Support 30-hour Famine

"Most African farmers cultivate small plots of land that do not produce
enough to meet the needs of their families. The problem is compounded by the
farmers' lack of bargaining power and lack of access to land, finance and
technology." Because small-scale farmers and other rural Africans have so few
food stocks and little income, a period of drought can quickly trigger famine
conditions. This is especially true for rural women, who are among the poorest
of the poor and who account for the bulk of food production in Africa.

Can they choose whether they want to have McD or KFC for their breakfast like what most of us here always do?

Do you part, waste food not. Join us or make your donation for Famine 30 (2009)!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Awaiting True Love 2

I am really in no mood for updating my blog recently and I would like to make an apology to my blog - sorry for leaving you for so long, I promise to spend extra time on you at once I am set free from my UCAS, personal statement and damned lot of homework from my lecturers.

In spite of being so busy with my own work, there are some of the responsibilities that I really can't escape from. I am the designer for this year's camp by MIF again - Relax Camp 2: Awaiting True Love and this time I am obliged to design the name-cards for the workers as well as the participants. Hopefully, God can make my time run slower so that I can do HIS work and my own work well in the meantime.

Let's see what I had had for last year first:

This is one of the chosen designs of mine for the camp held last year on 6th of July 2008.

To me, I don't think my design for this year is a breakthrough or a surprise. Anyway, I still had a great satisfaction from having them as only 1 hour was spent on them.

Relax Camp 2 - a name-card for workers.

Relax Camp 2 - a name-card for partakers.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A self-fooling action - Abolishment of PPSMI

‘I’m now announcing that we’re going to abolish our dearly revolting PPSMI,”.

PPSMI stands for Pembelajaran dan Pengajaran Sains dan Matematik dalam Bahasa Inggeris, literally translates as Learning and Teaching Science and Mathematics in or using English. It’d been introduced since 2003 and was a proposal of our dearest ex-prime minister, i.e. Dr. M. Students who had done their UPSR in 2002 or started their primary education would have been the first to acquire their scientific and mathematical knowledge in secondary language.

English is indeed a secondary language in Malaysia and it’s really enjoying its privilege of the middle class. We don’t talk about other languages, which are either of upper class or lower class in the society as they are unrelated over this topic.

Reestablishment of PPSMM has, again, downgraded the status of this language.

It’s alleged that the implementation of PPSMI over this half decade had degraded its students, particularly in Science and Mathematics, which are currently learned and taught in English. And some politically correct social members are reckoning that this measure itself has been a failure of Malaysian schooling system since 2003 as it’s not hitting the spot, i.e. to polish up the ability of young citizens in mastery of this language.

It’s just a matter of time and I would regard them as teething troubles which would predictably happen in the early stage of this introduction.

I’m saying this in my experience. I’m the first secondary batch receiving this special treat. Candidly, I think the benefits brought by this scheme outweigh the disadvantages. At the very least, it has allowed its students to have more references from other resources. For instance, the textbooks used in other English-speaking countries can be treated as reference books for Malaysian students. Add to that the English scientific terms from those books would be easily comprehended without the need for translation; we can actually have all the latest facts and figures at our fingertips.

Not to trigger off a feeling of racial inequality, the legislation of learning those subjects in Bahasa Malaysia would be just an unreasonable and unjust option for non-bumiputras.

Let’s take a look on what happened before 2003. In our six-year primary schooling, we’re firming up our foundation in the basics of languages, sciences and arts using our own mother tongues. Apart from endeavoring to get a grasp on the arithmetic and sciences, we would have to master own tongue as well as other lingoes.

Soon after this, we learned everything in our national language, which’s still considered a somewhat unfamiliar language for non-bumi like us, even after six years of learning. It’s when we’re undergoing a significant shift in our means of acquisition of new and more advanced knowledge. It’s also when many among us had dropped out as they’re not linguistically strong enough to be selected for.

As for those who’d luckily been selected for, the selection did come at a price – we did sacrifice our time, money and strength to make firm our grip of this language so that we could excel in other subjects through this language.

Nevertheless, the percentage of sacrifice makers is less than thirty percents. Most among us were using the national language throughout their 11 years of compulsory education. It’s therefore explicable that even more had dropped out after the establishment of PPSMI.

Meanwhile, this scheme had caused not much affliction on the thirty percents as they still have to accommodate to the transformation and this transformation does not differ much from the one happened formerly.

From a student’s standpoint, I would prefer to suffer now than to suffer in the future for a longer time, perhaps the whole life ahead of me.

I don’t fancy our Ministry of Education to exterminate the scheme as well as to carry on with the scheme for primary education.

It’s after all making the young pupils more stressful as they need to master all three languages fully together before they can do well in others. I suppose letting the native language to predominate among the small children would be a better way of building the all-important foundation.

We should keep on with the scheme for secondary education as the children should have learned how to adapt as they are moving from childhood to adolescent stage of growth. Otherwise, they won’t be competitive enough to take on the oncoming challenges.

The decision of the ministry on increasing the number of English teachers as well as the length of time or period for English classes in primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions is indeed commendable. This is rather a practical action of achieving greater English level among Malaysian students.

We should always take peeks and emulate the successes of other countries in their education system. Positive attitudes towards our education are also of crucial importance. Stop behaving as if you deserve better. You should muse on what adaptations you should have to every single problem that hits you.

There are still 2.5 years for the ministry to change their mind.
Don’t be an escapist or the fox that described the grapes as sour just because it couldn’t reach them.